Continuing Competency Program Procedures



All annual continuing competency task submissions must be uploaded to your SCPT profile prior to completing your annual license renewal each year. The documents can be uploaded at any time throughout the year, but must both be uploaded by renewal.



Each year the SCPT will choose a random selection of 20% of registered members to have their submissions reviewed, once a member has been audited, they will not be selected again for the following 4 years. This will ensure that each member will have their submissions reviewed once every 5 years on average. Each submission will be reviewed using the appropriate competency- specific evaluation form. If a submission is found to be inadequate, then the member will be notified with details of their inadequate submission and will be given 90 days to rectify their submission. This may include improving their competency experience, completing a new submission for a different competency (if applicable), or simply updating their current submission to better reflect their experiences and fulfil the evaluation criteria.



If an inadequate submission is not rectified within 90 days of notification, the member will be referred to the Professional Conduct Committee (PCC) as they have not met their professional obligations.


 Potential options for submission and evidence requirements

   (Items that have specific templates are linked to those templates)

-  Performance review - submit the performance review

Chart review/audit - submit the audit document

-  Participation in a course, lecture, workshop, seminar, or similar activity – submit template

Research publication you have authored or co-authored - submit publication or abstract

- Online journal article review – submit template

- Case study group or case study review – submit template

- SCPT required webinar – submit document associated with webinar

- A reflection (eg: on what work organization’s mission and vision statement means to you, on the code of ethics or what you do to maintain personal wellness) – submit the reflection

- Evidence of:

  • Effective written communication in the form of a professional publication or newsletter – submit publication and brief summary if longer than 1 page

  • Participation with Occupational Health and Safety – submit proof of participation

  • Participation in workplace quality improvement initiatives – submit appropriate template

  • Supervising physical therapy students – submit final student evaluation

  • Positive self-reflection – submit template

  • Delivery of a course, lecture, workshop, seminar, or similar activity –  submit delivery presentation, video of presentation, or summary of activity

  • Book Review - submit template

  • Podcast Review – submit template

  • Webinar/online video review - submit template

  • Preceptorship and/or mentoring (receiving or providing) – submit template

  •  Communication with peers (journal club, case consultations) - submit template

  • Volunteering (physical therapy related) - submit template

  • Conferences - conference confirmation

  • Participation on board/committees - submit template

  • Internet research - submit internet research template

If you have a continuing professional development task and/or evidence of the task that is not included in the above list contact SCPT at to confirm appropriateness of submission.