Academic License

An academic practicing membership is available to an individual who has completed a physical therapy education program that is recognized by the council and has received an appointment to the academic staff of a university in Saskatchewan in a program that is recognized by the council.

An academic practicing membership entitles a member to:

(a) use the title “Physiotherapist” or “Physical Therapist” or any other word, title or designation, whether or not abbreviated, to indicate that the individual is practicing as an academic member of the college;
(b) speak and vote at the annual and special meetings of the college;
(c) serve as a representative of the college when appointed to do so;
(d) receive a copy of college documents appropriate for distribution; and
(e) receive the publications of the college.

An academic practicing member who submits a completed application in the form provided by the college is eligible to obtain an academic practicing license. This license ceases to be valid if the member ceases to hold an academic appointment described above. A member who holds an academic practicing license may practice only in the department of the university in which he or she holds an academic appointment and only to the extent required by the teaching, research and service requirements of that appointment.

Application Process

  1. Provide proof of $5,000,000 Professional Liability Insurance
  2. Provide Letter of Good Standing from your current or most recent licensing body
  3. Pay the required fees for 2020:
    • $500 Initial registration and Membership fees ($250 after October 1, 2020)
    • $75 non-refundable initial registration fee
    • Total = $575 CAD ($325 after October 1, 2020)
Once your online application has been submitted, please contact us to confirm your application for an academic license. A license will be issued upon SCPT's approval.