Discipline Committee

The Discipline Committee is a team of at least 5 people, most of whom are practicing physical therapists. One person is a member of the general public and appointed by the provincial government.

Your complaint will be heard by the committee in much the same way as a court of law. You may be asked to be a witness at the hearing.

After the hearing , the discipline committee may order:
  • Necessary education, medical treatment or counseling for the physical therapist.
  • Reprimand by the SCPT.
  • Fines payable to the SCPT.
  • Restricted or supervised practice.
  • Suspension of license or expulsion from SCPT. The therapist may not be able to practice at all for a certain period of time, or permanently.


The Discipline Committee CANNOT order the Therapist to pay you financial compensation.

Both you and your therapist will be notified of this decision in writing.

Terms of Reference

Download the terms of reference on by clicking below:

SCPT Discipline Committee - Terms of Reference

If you would like more information about the complaints process or other SCPT issues, please contact our office.